Saturday, 4 October 2014

Grrr..... pesky passwords!

Hi to all.

I finally managed to get a password reset for this account. Since 'blogger' was sold to google it hasn't been plain sailing. Hopefully you will like some of these latest available items.
Current offer price is £35.00 - comes with hot photos and video.


This kit has been hammered with my favourite activities in duos,
3ways and 4/5/7/10 ways and more!  If you want this one - you'd better be really quick.
Current offer price is £65.00 - Comes with scorching hot pics and vid!!

Again, one of my favourite play outfit. You WONT be disappointed with this kit.
Current offer price is £45.00 - pics and vid included.

Proper hammered - proper cum-ragged.
Current offer price £45.00

These were my army mate's boxers I've also been wearing while he's away.
Well used and gym sweated - continually week's wear.
Offers over £35.00

THATS ALL FOR THIS WEEK. Get in touch if you want anything.


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Autumn Warmers

Again, just a reminder that a lot of the items are one-offs, so if you see something you like, because demand always outstrips the supply,  get in touch straight away

Pete has been helping me out - hes a 29 year old plasterer and we have had a lot of fun together in and out of the gear shown. I'm sure you'll agree he fills my boxers (and his) very well. We often swap and share the underwear, making sure they are nice and sweaty, dribbly and cummy - just the way you like them.

My wrecked gym top & shorts outfit (jizz stained in and out) £45 - £50 (if you want more trashing and more spunking - wearing it to a sportskit themed suck and fuck fetish night with about 150 horned up pissed up guys in footy/rugby kit).

Feel good enhancing CKs - £25 worn used  - £35 worn used and heavily spunked

Old work shorts - worn for weeks/months by Pete & me - and stinking of sweat and work £30

Electromagnetic yellow boxers - feel fantastic - we both swapped and wore these - £20

Dirty scruffy work shirt £15
Gym & work worn shorts £20

Pete's well worn well used toasty boxer trunks - spunky and sweaty £22

Me wearing the same boxer trunks

Trashed nasty old work shirt £20
Wrecked blue work shorts - piss dribbled and spunky by both of us £35

Pair of sweaty nasty boxers worn and used by both of us - spunked heavily £35

These boxers are so crusty they should walk away themselves - piss and cum dribbled £35
A bit more of that promising cock showing...

These Pringle boxers have been worn and used for gym/work for weeks between us. Used as a cum-rag for mop ups after our wanking sessions to filthy porn.

Old school grey Y front briefs... these are from our good friend Rick who is a serving British soldier
- worn, used and dribbled in by him, then sniffed and wank in by us. £35

Night time pyjama sleep top £20
Rick's spunky army boxers £35

My old navy blue old briefs gym and work worn - dribbled and jizzed over 2 weeks. £35

Dirty filthy sweaty work hoodie £20
Wrecked nasty work shorts - dirty and sweaty/ piss dribbled £25

Trashed work hi viz jacket - this stinks of sweaty armpits... £25

Heavily used work trousers £25

White bed and gym shirt £20
Puma trashed heavily used bed/gym and work used boxer trunks - there's sweat, cock dribbles and loads of cum in these bad boys £25

Magnificent thick cock - this is what has been jizzing in the pants.
It fucks all night and spunks like a fireman's hose!

Surferdude boxers - these are very stained both back and front! £35

Playing cock swordfights... you already know my cock is a thick piece of meat - but his is a massive weapon of ass destruction! Grey T shirt £25 (used as a wank cum rag after these pics were taken).

Pete's other surferdude boxer trunks in size Large - they need to be to hold that fat cock of his.
They are well used, dribbled and heavily spunked in -  £25

These wrecked shorts £20
Trashed work trousers which stink of work, ass, sweat and dribbles £25

These white boxers £25 - they are a medium category trashed condition.

Me wearing some of the same items above - polo shirt, work shorts, sweatshirt.
Well worn work boots £60 - we have both fucked the life out of these, and spunked our loads
right inside of them. Heavy item so a little more postage due on them.


Wrecked trashed work briefs - look at all that work stain over them... sweated, dribbled and heavily spunked £30.

 Only 1 pair of these left now - will never be available again - shame because they are so comfortable. Short lived British underwear company - these are worth every penny - heavily abused/dribbled/spunked. Pete sucked the cum right out of my cock and spat it inside the front.
Definitely worth the £25 requested.

Remember - we also sell pic and vid clip collections on disc - £25 for a good decent amount. Me, Pete, my army pal Rick and our barely legal mate - posing, flashing off & having dirty sex.
And talking about our young mate - our apprentice - here's some shots of him in some gear he has to sell through us - offers for these young, smooth skinned teen's dirty used spunky boxers over £30.